Maryna Lamprecht - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Maryna Lamprecht

Maryna Lamprecht is the Non-Fiction Editor for Tafelberg Publishers.

After completing her schooling in 2002 she studied at the University of Johannesburg and completed a degree in Afrikaans Literature in 2009. She joined RSG (Radio Sonder Grense) in 2009 as a general news reporter. In 2011 she joined Beeld newspaper as a political reporter until February 2014 when she joined Media24 as a political reporter in Parliament. In April 2016 the 33-year-old Lamprecht was appointed as Non-fiction and Current affairs Editor of Tafelberg Publishers. She remains in that position. Within her first year as editor the inexperienced Lamprecht received the original manuscripts from Mark Minnie and Chris Steyn which later became one book ‘’The Boys of Bird Island’’. The book was launched as non-fiction in August 2018.

Lamprecht allowed herself to be hoaxed and misled by Chris Steyn and Mark Minnie into believing the story in the book to be true. Without undertaking proper due diligence and without any shred of conclusive evidence, Lamprecht proceeded in ‘’developing’’ the book for publication with full knowledge of her superiors and the Managing Director of NB Publishers Eloise Wessels.

Maryna Lamprecht clearly saw this as an opportunity to make her mark and earn big profits for her employers – Tafelberg Publishers/NB Publishers/Media24/Naspers.

She was wrong!