Ishmet Davidson - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Ishmet Davidson

Ishmet Davidson joined Media24 in 2012 as head of Community Newspapers. He became the head of its news division in 2014, after which media distribution company On the Dot and Media24’s magazine division were added to his responsibilities. He has 16 years’ experience in the media industry and among other qualifications, holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School at Scotland’s Heriot Watt University. His rise to the top position in Media24 is nothing short of spectacular and well deserved.

Ishmet Davidson was appointed as CEO of Media24 on 1 October 2018, two months after the book The Lost Boys of Bird Island was released and launched.

Once in Office, he was faced with the problem of The Lost Boys of Bird Island book. He proceeded with commendable integrity and leadership to face the problem and after careful consideration of the facts directed the events towards a settlement with Attorney Johan Victor who represents the three former ministers defamed in the book. This led to the humiliating withdrawal of the book “The Lost Boys of Bird Island” from the market and an unconditional apology to Barend du Plessis and the families of the two deceased co-implicated ministers.