We are a team of dedicated professionals who fought for justice and won

Johan Victor - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Johan Victor

BA Comm (NWU - Potch Campus), LLB (US), founder in 2012 of Johan Victor Attorneys / Litigators in Cape Town. The firm specialises in High Court Litigation and is fearless in particular in their approach against large corporates. The firm has taken on many worthy causes such as the country’s largest banks on behalf of hundreds of victims of Simswap fraud – and obtained redress.

He represents Barend du Plessis as well as the families of late Ministers Gen. Magnus Malan and John Wiley.

Wouter De Swart - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Wouter de Swardt

Private Investigator, owner and Lead Investigator of Fox Forensics, Private Investigators and Security Consultants. De Swardt and Fox Forensics are both PSiRA Registered Grade A. He has 46 years’ experience in investigation into Criminal and Civil matters, and has been involved in many high-profile cases which he investigated successfully.

These include among others murder, rape, robbery, child molestation, fraud, housebreaking, theft and corruption. He also consults on Security Systems and Assessments and designs Security CCTV systems for Corporate and Civil clients.

Dr Koos van der Merwe - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Dr. Koos van der Merwe

Dr. van der Merwe holds a BA, BA (Honns) and PhD in Political Science and International Politics. Elected as MP for Jeppe in 1977 for the National Party, he joined the Conservative Party in 1982 and after the dawn of the New South Africa in 1994, joined the Inkhata Freedom Party (IFP) of which he was Chief Whip in Parliament for 20 years. He uninterrerruptedly served as an MP for a record 37 years. He retired in 2014, having served on more than a dozen Parliamentary Committees and represented Parliament on more than 20 official overseas delegations.

Koos has practised as an Attorney since 1966 and has managed several major criminal cases, including the Shell House Massacre, the Shobashobane killings and the Boipating killings. He successfully represented six accused in the trial where the SADF was accused of training operatives for political purposes. Koos was appointed by the Speaker to defend Parliament against a charge laid with the International Parliamentary Union in Manilla, which he won. He also served for 18 years on the Judicial Service Commission and two years on the Magistrates Commission.

He represents Barend du Plessis as family lawyer.