Marianne Thamm - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Marianne Thamm

Marianne Thamm was born in England in 1961 where her German father had been a prisoner of war and met Thamm's mother, a Portuguese domestic worker. Thamm describes herself as a “half-Portuguese, half-German, recovering Roman Catholic atheist lesbian immigrant”. She lives in Cape Town with her partner and two adopted daughters. She is a journalist, author of several books, a stand-up comedian, and the assistant editor of the Daily Maverick.

Thamm wrote the foreword to the book ‘’The Lost Boys of Bird Island’’, waxing lyrical about Chris Steyn’s prowess as an “investigative journalist”. It is difficult to understand how such an otherwise respected, intelligent and seasoned reporter and author allowed herself to be hoaxed by Mark Minnie and Chris Steyn into believing their lies and fabrications and writing the foreword to their (now) exposed and proven fraudulent publication.

Thamm does not seem to be able to accept that the book, with all its lies, fabrications and allegations, is just simply false. In what seem to be desperate attempts to vindicate herself, in every possible way, she continues with her attempts to implicate Barend du Plessis in every atrocity committed by whomsoever, during the Apartheid years.


On 15 April 2020 Marianne Thamm contacted the investigator Wouter de Swardt per email requesting him to answer a list of fifteen (15) questions she attached to the email in order to ‘’clear up some matters’’. De Swardt responded – per email – that he would gladly answer all the questions in full in a face-to-face interview with her and invited her to do so.

It need be mentioned that the timing of this request and the legalese in the document suggest that this document was prepared by the Chris Steyn in an attempt to "dig up some dirt" in order to discredit the excellent investigative work, that clearly incriminated both Chris Steyn and the Directors of Media24.

Thamm declined this invitation to interview – which seemed to be very strange for a seasoned reporter to decline and miss the opportunity to ‘’clear up some matters’’. De Swardt then referred her to the lawyer Johan Victor for further questions and comment.

The email and all the questions and answers can be read here:

On 3 November 2020 another invitation for an interview with Wouter De Swardt was sent to Thamm via lawyer Johan Victor. To date she has not responded.