Chris Steyn - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

Chris Steyn

AKA Christina Gesina Barlow, née Steyn, was born in Johannesburg in 1960. She is a writer and former journalist. To date, she has published only two books, one of which is “The Lost Boys of Bird Island”. Over the years she has worked for the Rand Daily Mail, The Star and the Cape Times newspapers. Chris later became editor of the investigative unit of the Independent Newspaper group.

In the late '80s/early '90s, she married a former Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB) commander, Lieutenant Colonel Eben Barlow who now lives in London. Lt. Col. Barlow became the commander of the Western European region of the CCB. She then became known as Steyn-Barlow and later just as Chris Steyn. The South African Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB) was a government-sponsored death squad during the apartheid era that covertly operated within the SANDF. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee pronounced the CCB guilty of numerous killings, and more suspected killings. Jacques Pauw also uncovered this in his revealing review of the book for Media24 dated 6 September 2018.

Chris Steyn lives in the seaside town of Hermanus where she co-owned ‘’The Book Collector’’ book shop and shares a house with her 39-year-old male partner.

Steyn is apparently now writing a book on political killings during the apartheid years – which seems ironic, seeing that her husband was a Commander of the CCB, which, inter alia, did exactly that.


On 18 March 2019 Chris Steyn underwent a polygraph test in an attempt to vindicate herself and prove that she was telling the truth. This turned out to be a complete farce and a ‘’staged’’ polygraph test.