During his investigation into the death of Mark Minnie, the investigator Wouter de Swardt discovered proof that Mark Minnie bought a rope with the intention to hang himself.

During one of her many media interviews to first promote the book ‘’The Lost Boys of Bird Island’’ and then later after the launch of the book to defend the so-called ‘’true facts’’ in the book Chris Steyn was asked about the rope that Mark Minnie bought. She responded with yet another of her sometimes-ridiculous explanations – namely that Minnie bought the rope to use it to break into the house in Witelsbos where the alleged sexual acts took place to ‘’look for clues’’ – more than thirty years after the alleged offenses.

The TRUE FACTS are that Mark Minnie bought the rope the morning of his death – 13/08/2018 from a well-known hardware store that is seven minutes’ drive away from his friends’ farm (as measured and timed by Investigator de Swardt) where he committed suicide – exactly 58 minutes after he bought the rope. The payment slip is on record. Minnie’s first plan was to hang himself. His extensive research on the internet on ‘’how to commit suicide’’ is proof of that.

Minnie and Maygene de Wee - a reporter from Media24 - visited the Witelsbos area in their feeble attempt to find ‘’the house’’ on 10/08/2018 – THREE DAYS BEFORE HE BOUGHT THE ROPE. Chris Steyn knew this - yet she chose to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the readers because she knew the readers will not have the true facts. She lied.

De Swardt mentioned that during his very long career as an Investigator and attending to literally hundreds of house - breaking scenes he has never seen any scenes where a rope was used to break into a house.