The withdrawal of this book places a new perspective and precedent on defamatory journalism and the consequences of lack of due diligence, oversight, fiduciary discipline, competence and respect for and the application of both the Companies Act and the King IV principles. The lack of these principles and political subservience should not be allowed to violate anybody’s Constitutionally protected basic human right.

One can only hope that important lessons have been learned.

This website wishes to record its unqualified admiration and support for journalists who honour the morality and integrity of writing the truth and nothing but the (proven) truth without fear or favour. This fundamental principle remains the unqualified cornerstone and hallmark of true, professional journalism with integrity.

May your careers be crowned with the satisfaction and inner peace that are the rewards of those who pursue righteousness in all their endeavours. Especially so in this age of the advent of opportunistic and materialistically-driven lifestyles, unfortunately also noticeable in erstwhile impeccable professions, such as journalism.

Honesty is still a Virtue and is Recognised by Honest People