John Wiley - The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

John Wiley

John Walter Edington Wiley: 1927 -1987.

Wiley was born in in St. James, Cape Town. He obtained a BA Law Degree at UCT (University of Cape Town) in 1948. In 1949 John was accepted to study for an LLB at Lincoln College, Oxford University in England and after completing that returned to Cape Town. He got involved in politics and joined the United Party. In 1966 he became Member of Parliament for Simon’s Town. In 1976 Wiley resigned from the United Party and formed the South African Party. In 1981 the South African Party merged with the National Party. In September 1980 John was elected as Simon’s Town MP under the National Party. In August 1982 he was appointed Deputy-Minister of Environmental Affairs and Fisheries. In September 1984 he was promoted to the position of Minister of Environmental Affairs, Tourism and Water Affairs. He served as Minister till his untimely death.

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